The HVM Barrier continues to impress, as industry professionals gather for a live demonstration

It may have been cold and windy but this didn’t stop the StadiumTM Team from hosting another successful and impressive demonstration of the Hostile Vehicle Mitigation barriers. Known also as the ATG Access Surface Guard barrier system, the demonstration including the newly developed, built in Vehicle Access Point. The event saw over 25 delegates attend from a number of different industries including football, horse racing, councils and police forces.

After taking on feedback from both customers of StadiumTM and their own, ATG Access designed and engineered the Vehicle Access Point. StadiumTM supporting and ensuring the barrier teams are well practiced in deploying the barrier with this new feature. The Vehicle Access Point is able to cope with high axel loadings, being able to bear the weight of HGV’s and fire engines. The live demonstration saw the StadiumTM HGV take on the Access Point. The purpose for the Access Point is to allow authorised emergency vehicles through, the barrier being dropped in less than a minute to allow such vehicles through. This innovation in the product displaying the commitment from both companies in protecting crowded spaces.

Fifteen meters of barriers were deployed within 12 minutes, a great effort by our team. The deployment time thoroughly impressing delegates in addition to the barrier drop time of 43 seconds.

The barrier apart from the new Vehicle Access Point has a number of unique qualities:

  • Accessible to pedestrians, pushchairs, wheelchairs and cyclists. Even police horses can gain access to the system.
  • Aesthetically it is not imposing for event attendees.
  • Temporary & mobile, the barrier can be installed and removed on the same day.
  • British Engineered and Manufactured.

Current methods are ineffective, hinder pedestrian flow and create a fortressed appearance.

The presentation component of the event was led by our Managing Director, David McAtamney and our HR Director, Lorraine Baillie. Both explaining what we at StadiumTM do and how this innovative Hire & Installation service of the barriers can serve and protect crowded spaces.  Iain Moran of ATG Access provided further support and information on the product itself.

Stoke City Football Club, our host provided a great facility and a very warm welcome, thank you.