Fever Tree Championships

What we did...

  • Traffic Management & Car Park
  • Crowd Safety
  • HVM Rental

Each year, the Fever-Tree Championships at London’s Queens Club sets the stage for one of the largest and most well-known Tennis Opens in the world: Wimbledon. It grows each year. In June 2018, Stadium completed a week’s deployment of the ATG Access Surface Guard at Queens – our longest repeated deployment at any event so far. The barrier covers four roads and sixty metres.

The Fever-Tree Championships was also the highest-profile event to date at which we have deployed this system. The Surface Guard was deployed in four locations: surrounding the Club’s two main entrances, and at two further, particularly vulnerable, areas of crowded space.

Within the four deployments, we installed two vehicle access points – which allowed residents, tournament vehicles, deliveries and emergency vehicles to make their way through with authorisation. Our barrier team-members remained with the equipment at all times in order to enforce compliance, and those stationed at vehicle access points were in radio contact with tournament operators.

Today, the risk of vehicle attacks is widely prevalent and the threat high. It was therefore imperative for the Tournament, based as it is at the heart of Baron’s Court in the London Borough of Hammersmith & Fulham, to use HVM solutions. The Queens Club’s setting and location allow for very open and vulnerable spaces – and the high profile of the event creates a risk.

The barriers not only enhanced the security of the event, then, but also positively impacted on residents living within the secured area. During prior events, traffic managed to travel down the closed roads around the venue, affecting the residents’ parking options and disrupting crowd movement. With the barriers in place, cars and critical infrastructure were protected, and the road became pedestrianised.

For instance, Bill Howell, a Baron’s Court resident, told us: “I am pleased to say that, during the whole of the Fever-Tree tennis tournament at Queens Club this June, it was pleasing to note that the team from Stadium – who were responsible for erecting and dismantling the HVM barriers took the time to consider the residents in Perham Rd, with amicable exchanges and procedures discussed in depth.

“… As I live practically on top of where the barriers were located by the main entrance, I was impressed after the initial assembly that the disturbance was kept to a minimum -bearing in mind that many sections of the barriers are heavy-duty steel. If this company continues to attend these events with this level of consideration and efficiency, it bodes well for both the residents and Queens Club in the future.”

Baron’s Court resident, Bill Howell